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Plugging you into the World!
Simply Good Websites is a Web Design and Website Development Company based on Auckland's North Shore.
SGW also does Web Software design & development. For example, we built our own Flagship product, a simple to use program which can quickly automate your entire product catalogue on the web.
100% New Zealand Owned and Operated

I'm Too Busy.

SGW will design and develop your website for youOK, we understand that. Really!

You need to focus on your core business and your personal life and you don't have time to do the website thing as well; your time is important and needs to be spent productively and effectively.

We will design and develop your website for you, write any content you need, provide professional and appropriate images to enhance the appearance of pages, proof-read pages, customise or integrate software...we will simply do the lot. We will also provide cost-effective and appropriate internet marketing.

To kick off your project we will come to your premises and do a brief Internet Needs Analysis session with you and your team (We also have good experience at working remotely with clients if you prefer). We will guide you through a short, interactive series of questions to find out what you want to achieve with the Internet. We will also provide sound advice along the way, fill in the gaps, explain how things really work.

Working from that meeting we will provide you with a succinct business proposal which lists your essential needs, the nice to haves and any optional extras we think you might find interesting (if not now, maybe later). Our proposal will make all the costs clear - the project costs as well as the ongoing costs such as hosting. We are not the cheapest company you will find, but nor are we the most expensive; we aim to provide business quality work at reasonable cost. Given that a high percentage of our leads sign up after seeing our proposals, we think we achieve a good balance.

Our project process starts with further analysis and design, although we can adapt to any design or branding you might already have. We will design a unique template and website structure for you, and also build all the pages, forms, inter-activity, flash movies, videos and graphics that your website needs. We will also provide ongoing website maintenance, such as adding new products, changes to contact details.

At every important step of the project you will have the opportunity to approve all the work that has been done. However if you are too busy for even that, you can safely trust us to be your internet marketing partner and simply leave it all to us. Only once you have approved the final website will we put it 'live' for you (until then we hide it under a temporary name that only you will know).

So for the busy business we are a one stop shop and can also provide every aspect of your internet marketing needs - including Search Engine Optimisation.

So don't look any further  - contact Simply Good Websites now!