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Plugging you into the World!
Because most consumers now go the web before buying, NOW is the right time to make sure your products and services are well marketed on your website.
Are you getting enough traffic to your website? How easily can potential customers find you, or do they find your competitors first? SGW can guarantee as much traffic to your website as you want.
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Internet Marketing 

Have you heard that over 80% of websites don't work? Your web site could be one of the few that do work, with some Simply Good Internet Marketing.
Good Internet Marketing will increase traffic to your website, increase your leads from your website, and also increase conversions.

SGW provides the types of online marketing described below - this is all your website needs to become a profitable and hard working website.

Please also try some test searches to see some examples of what our Internet Marketing could do for you.

Type of Marketing Description Analysis Costs

'Pay per Click' (Adwords) advertising

Paid advertising through Google, which puts your adverts immediately on  page 1 of Google*.

The quickest and most cost effective way to get instant traffic to any website - so this is an excellent approach for a new website, or if you have a new product/service to advertise.

We recommend this as a first marketing step for most websites - in conjunction with Google Analytics, this can also reveal a lot of very useful information about your website.

The most cost-effective form of online marketing.

Impact on the number of visitors to your website is immediate.

Costs are low, flexible and monthly, and can be paused and restarted at short notice.

It is easy to understand & measure the cost-benefit (cost per lead).

From $200 per month.

Increase your budget anytime to increase leads.

Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ensuring the basics are optimised for search engines - on critical pages, for important keywords.  This is something most websites unfortunately lack so a little investment in this can provide very good returns.

Fine tuning relevant content & key words (visible factors) and making sure of search engine friendly structures (invisible factors) on those pages.

This is recommended for ALL websites - but is only needed on the most important pages.  This is often used profitably in conjunction with 'Pay per Click'  advertising.

Costs are medium and only once-off. Takes longer to have an impact
(4 to 6 weeks plus).

Easier to understand the cost-benefit, if you have good internal marketing processes that track leads and sales

Impact is ongoing and 'mostly' permanent**.

$550 first page, 1 to 3 key phrases.
$450 for each additional page (same keywords).

Search Engine Optimisation

This is a special and proven formal process we follow using purpose designed tools that work and experts that are up to date with the rapid pace of change in search engines.

It includes making use of the social media, backlinks, blogs and all other appropriate advanced factors.

NB: We only use 'white hat' SEO techniques.  Some SEO companies use so called 'black hat' techniques like link exchanging, which can be detected by search engines and are often penalised with lower page rankings than before you started.

Costs are Medium and need to be continued for around 6 months or more.

Takes longer to have a noticeable effect
(4 to 6 weeks plus).

Easier to understand the cost-benefit, if you have good internal marketing processes that track leads and sales.

Impact is ongoing and 'mostly' permanent**.

$500 per month, minimum 6 months.

*     The percentage of times your ads will show up is dependent on the size of budget and the competition for those keywords

**    Over a long time some of the effects might be overtaken by competing websites.  On the other hand with good SEO we have also seen the reverse - pages continuing to climb in rankings.