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How Can I put my full product catalogue online - and also all changes - without spending too much money or taking too much of my time?
Display ALL your Products on your Website with just a few quick clicks - using our unique Products Display Generator
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Product Display Generator (PDG)

We at simply good websites build simply good online software as well as good websites, and we have built a rather unique and clever toolset for clients who want to publish their product catalogue online, on their own website.

So - if you have your product information available in a spreadsheet, or perhaps in the database of your accounting package, or MRP or any other computer system, then it will take you just a few clicks of a mouse to publish that information using our Product Display Generator.  (Newly developed: load your product catalogue to your website from a Microsoft Publisher or PDF document).

A few seconds later you will have a professional webpage for each and every product in your catalogue.  You can also have a page for each category with thumbnails of all the products - and the toolset supports multiple levels of categories.   And you can decide how you want the layout to look and what information you want or don't want displayed.

Visitors to your website will also have a simply good dynamic menu that allows them to quickly and easily navigate through all of the catalogue - stopping wherever they want - to look at a category or product.

To change anything in the online catalogue, just amend or reload the data in your spreadsheet or database, and a few clicks later the website is accurately updated with all your changes or deletions.  This is a HUGE time saver.

There is also the improved accuracy gained by keeping it all electronic - no more 'embaresing Yell' or costly typos.

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For more Detailed Information, please visit our Online Products Catalogue website.


"We have now used the Product Display Generator for two of our websites and I would not consider operating a website database without incorporating the Product Display Generator.

This programme makes maintaining the website database very quick and is far easier to manipulate data."  

Sharon Rutter, G D Rutter Ltd (www.gdrutter.co.nz)


 Integration into Existing Websites:

PDG can easily be integrated into your existing Website, the dynamic menu is simply to add to existing website pages. All PDG files and webpages are kept in separate folders so there is no risk of impact to your existing 'other' webpages.

Product and Category pages created by PDG will look just as professional as your other website pages - or if you prefer, you can have a different look for your products pages.

If you want to sell your products online (e Commerce), PDG can also easily be linked to most Shopping Carts so that you can easily sell your products online - still with that one single reliable copy of the data. PDG will copy the required data, images & prices into the shopping cart's database - or we can install a shopping cart for you.