Professionally managed online software projects

An experienced Project Manager will work with you to clearly understand & document your requirements, assisting as required with concept ideas and technology suggestions.  Once you have approved the requirements , an appropriate team will design, build and thoroughly test the software – before handing it over for your final testing and approval. 

This approach is also used to develop your mobile phone apps.

Case Study 1:

A client had a large range of products, within multi-level groups, and were finding it too time-consuming and error-prone to manage changes to both their website and financial system.  Working with products in the financial system was also complex and laborious. 


The financial system could import/export a spreadsheet with the entire product catalogue, which the staff found very much easier to work with, much more flexible and better visibility of products & groupings etc.

We therefore designed and built a simple to use desktop App which read the client’s product catalogue from this spreadsheet, created a search-engine optimsed webpage for each product and product grouping, built a website menu for the groups and products, as well as populating the website’s shopping cart.

“We have now used the Product Display Generator for two of our websites and I would not consider operating a website database without incorporating the Product Display Generator.

This programme makes maintaining the website database very quick and is far easier to manipulate data.”  

Sharon Rutter
G D Rutter Ltd 

Case Study 2:

A private imaging clinic required a secure way of managing medical records, as well as allowing patients to book appointments – and provide initial case data when booking their first appointment.

SGW installed and configured an open-source Electronic Medical Records package (openEMR) to complete meet their requirements.

We installed an open-source booking system in a separate location to ensure security, and customised it extensively to meet this set of requirements, ensuring data could pass securely between systems.

Case Study 3:

A psychologist client had developed a clever decision support algorithm, to help  people with weighing up the pro’s and con’s of complex or life changing decisions, and which could be used by individuals or companies.  The client wanted a simple way to translate his ideas into a website-based system that displayed the results grphically.

We built a website and linked online system, which lead users through a series of questions, and displayed the results as a simple graphic.  There was a version for the public and a more complex version for companies – with additional functionality, such as allowing multiple people’s collaboration, and the ability to keep a history of exactly how every decision had been arrived yet.

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