Simply Good Websites will provide cloud services for your business, and show you how easy it can be.

Cloud computing, very basically, is storing and accessing data & programs over the internet – instead of from your computer’s hard drive.  This may sound attractive – yet internet searches warn about hidden costs, the need for specialist knowledge, data security and so on.

Is switching your business to cloud computing therefore worth it – are the savings and other benefits actually achievable for your company? What is the true cost of ownership? What are the risks? What is the best way to go about it?

Why choose SGW?

SGW can help you move all or some of your operations to the cloud, in the  safest and most cost-effective way for your business.  You will tell us what you want; we will offer advice & suggestions as appropriate, and then make it happen.  And we will always be there to keep it simple, with on-going and effective support.  Expect clear communication and no surprises.

A good plan is essential

An experienced IT Project Manager with broad Business Analyst experience, will work with you and your company to understand how you could best benefit from cloud computing and then professionally deliver the agreed solution.

Step One: We will work with you and your company to understand and document how you can best benefit from cloud computing.
Step Two: We will design a cloud solution that meets your business needs. All costs, timescales and post-implementation support requirements will be identified at this stage.
Step Three: We will build your solution.
Step Four: We, along with your staff, will test your solution to ensure it meets or exceeds all business and compliance requirements. Any training that may be necessary can occur at this time.
Step 5:  The carefully planned switch-over to the cloud solution,  ensuring minimal or zero disruption to your normal business processes.

Cloud Benefits with the SGW approach:

  • More focus on your core business:
    If your IT setup is taking too much time and energy, then SGW and cloud computing can free you up to concentrate on business goals, growing sales and satisfying customers.  We will take care of all cloud computing administration, including updates, upgrades and reporting requirements. 
  • Reliability:
    An internal server or network going down could bring your business to a halt while the cloud, being spread across multiple servers and storage, effectively never stops.  Scaling & flexibility is rapid and seamless.
  • Reduced costs:
    Capital costs and risks are significantly reduced, you don’t have to buy or decommission hardware – either initially or when you need to scale up or down.  Operational costs are lower because with SGW doing the work, no specialised skills or equipment are required.  We can provide a single, itemised bill for all services
  • Improved Security:
    System and data backups are automated. Disaster recovery is no longer an issue.  No risky physical access to your infrastructure, software or data
  • Access anywhere, anytime:
    Work from home, the office, the coffee shop, on holiday – anywhere you have a PC (or smart phone) and an internet connection. This improves the work-life balance for you and your staff, and defends against covid-type events.  Collaboration & analytics are increased.
  • Environment benefits – cloud services replacing your physical hardware generally reduces waste; cloud providers are increasingly reducing their carbon footprint; Anywhere/Anytime access reduces commuting-related emissions.
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