Website Design

SGW will design a unique, stand-out business class website for you, working in a wide range of different web design styles
(from clean & professional …  to graphically rich … or even quirky).

We guarantee you will be satisfied with your website design concept, or we will fix it for free…

We can build your website using:

  • WordPress, the most popular open-source modern CMS (Content Management System) … This website was built using WordPress
  • SohoLaunch, a professionally supported CMS – if you have a need for speed (on average, pages load around twice as quickly as with a wordpress equivalent)
  • Contact US to discuss other options

eCommerce options:

  • For WordPress websites, the obvious and best choice is WooCommerce – a shopping cart add-on that allows you to advertise and sell products and services

  • SohoLaunch has a built-in shopping cart, similarly allowing sales of products & services

Mobile Device Options:

Modern websites must also work on a huge variety of mobile devices;  on average mobile contributes more than 50% of website traffic.
In practice there are 2 options to ensure your website is mobile-friendly – ‘Responsive’ or ‘Dedicated’ – explained below:

Responsive Website:

The most common way to allow for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, is to make your website Responsive

All this means is that the website automatically responds to the size of the screen, shrinking images and rearranging the page layouts, so that it it remains very usable on the smaller device.  This can be done quite flexibly, for example changing the image displayed when the screen size gets smaller than a given size.


Dedicated Mobile Website:

There may be significant requirements for mobile devices, that might make building a responsive website overly complex and may also impact performance; thus it may be appropriate to have a seperate website for viewing on mobile devices, which can be designed more exactly for the limitations of mobile devices.

Simple to do and manage.

Mobile Apps:

Simply Good Websites will design and build useful and ground-breaking mobile phone apps, for Android and Apple (iOS).

Got an idea for a dynamic app that your customers will love?  If you can think it, we can do it.

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